Saracens Anubis's Pack

Name: Saracens Anubis's Pack
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: A saracen tribe in the rising winds kingdom dedicated to the betterment of the saracens as a whole fighters and non fighters alike. our fighters only consist of mamalukes and those training to be mamalukes. we strongly believe that non fighters need the support of all saracens as do the fighters we support our non fighters while we strive to build the best fighters this is like a program not all will make it and will be sent back to a tribe that they can handle we strive ourselves on being like the military this is like recon training many will try most will fail.


Member Role Title
Sir Baron Rigor Stormblade Member Full S CFL
Baronet Asland Member Chieftain
Halistur Nazrul Member Initiate
Rufio Member Initiate