Goblin Union of Mercenaries

Name: Goblin Union of Mercenaries
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Does the Monster make the man, or the man make the monster? The Goblin Union, or G.U.M., was designed to enforce and focus the proper feel and Garb appropriate to monsters not just in its founding park, but to set an example and raise the theatrical standards among monsters everywhere. Is that supposed to be a zombie or a flesh golem? If they can't tell, they won't care.
History: Founded as an excuse to blatantly overrun a park with "monsters" on days when we weren't getting the credits anyway, It soon became a favorite past time and an alternate way to instill the sense of uncertain adventure back in the game. A battle line mixing monsters of a monster class and monster-garbed standard classes ensures that the stick and the flurb can co-exist harmoniously. "Nothing quite like coming across your first 6th level W-oblin"


Member Role Title
Cliffton Drake, Baron (Home Slice) Member
Fallyn Dray, Baronet Member Taskmaster
Gutherias Member Magic Stick
Jera of the Green Dawn Member
Lorell Theldarin-Nemoralis Member BrassWalker
Rupert Craven Raewald IV Member