Goblin Slaying Elite

Name: Goblin Slaying Elite
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: We are a group dedicated to the destruction of Goblin oriented terrorist groups such as the Goblin Liberation Front, or the GLF.
History: Our House was started due to an oil spill at Liberty Park in The River's End. The GLF, a new and dangerous terrorist organization, took credit for the oil spill. Claiming they were trying to poison the water source and wipe us all out. Their intentions were in fact to kill us all before we could warn the rest of the Kingdom and Amtgard as a whole, and steal our Marks. We have answered the call and are prepared to fight till the end to protect the citizens of Amtgardia from this vile menace.


Member Role Title
Baron Wenlock Member Oberst
Burke Member Leutnanteins
Count Sir Loptr Member Leutnantzwei
Defender Man-at-Arms Dragon Redthorn Member Gefreiter
Duke Sir Loup DeNoir Member Oberstabsfeldwebel
Duke Sir Neobrood Breeder Cassius Member Hauptman
Harpy The Shark Puncher Member Gefreiter
Igoraven Member Soldat
Monty The Hooded Member Leutnanteins
Natsul Member Leutnanteins
Neer Member Gefreiter
Omega Member Leutnantzwei
Sir Nidalap Member Leutnanteins
Sirbu Member Gefreiter
Squire Lord Gregor Notcakes Clegane Member Gefreiter
Volgar Silverwolve Member Gefreiter
Wolfclaw Member Gefreiter
Woman-at-Arms Destin Member Leutnanteins