Black Company

Name: Black Company
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Black Company is one of the few mercenary groups willing to do anything it is paid to. From protection to subtle or not so subtle killings and everything in between. Members of the Black Crusade reformed into the Black Company.
History: One of the oldest fighting companies in the entirety of amtgard. We are proud to say the black spade will always resurrect. Made an appearance at Rosewood 8 where they Defeated the shadow wolves at the battle of blood creek. Then joined together to rip the life from the bodies of the queen's men. During Court we successfully killed sir Tseng multiple times (that payoff was great). At Pacific War XI Black Company was outnumbered more than 2 to 1 yet still managed to Hold our own in a 10(or less) man around the world game. With only 5 people to start, and in the middle of the second round dropped to 4, we managed to place in third to give our allies, The Silver Moon, first. Formed up at rosewood 9 to fight with the shadow wolves again. They fought bravely but our banner carried the day and much intrigue and slaughter ensued. PacWar XII we fought on both sides of the age battle and each time won in the castle. The captain had to plunge three times into the breach to clear the younger members out of it and in the knights vs the world battle we lead the spear head and slaughtered the knights in around 90 seconds. Gotta be a record. At the GH IO war we fought on the front for GH in an assassination battle keeping our leader untouched throughout the battle


Member Role Title
Achron Member Private
Amarok the Purifier Member Private
Amaryliss Captain Captain
Ambrose Member Private
Atlas Silvermane Member Private
Azriel et Messorem Member Recruit
Baine Sidhe Member Private
Baron Karl von Rot Wyrm Captain Captain
Barrick Shale Member Corporal
Bjorn the Small Member Corporal
Borro Member Private
Cackles Member Recruit
Chameleon Member Recruit
Chieftain Bloody Maw Member Corporal
Cody S. Member Corporal
Creamwolf Member Recruit
Dagonet Member Sergeant
Doomslayer Member Recruit
Dreadbaron Torg the Indomitable Captain Captain
Duey d. Rutheferd Member Corporal
Erinae Esh Trel Member Corporal
Eris Nevermore Member Private
Fander Member Recruit
France Member Recruit
Galian Member Recruit
Galinmorn Maldranthe Member Corporal
Gordon of Greyhawk Member Sergent
griffon Member Sergeant
Itakai Member Recruit
Jandar Member Sergeant-KIA
Jeremy C Member Recruit
Jerry Maguire Member Corporal
Jince Quizzelsin Member Private
Kamerah Laedi Member Recruit
Kirielle Member Private
Kit Member Sergeant
Klown Fury Member Lieutenant
Kol Ottar Member Private
Koor Member Private
Lady Alletta Stronghorse Member Support Sergeant
Lindsey Davis Member KIA
Lord Herrick the Mildly Perturbed Member Captain
Lord Squire Atreyu Wolfsbane Member Lieutenant
Lord Toraka Stormheart Member Corporal
Ma'lik Member Private
Madness Member Private
Mathious Monostone Member Sergeant
Moon Walker Member Sergeant
Morak Member Support Sergeant
Nameless Member Private
Nymeria Member Recruit
Odo Member Sergeant
Orion Darkangel Member Recruit
Otto Member Private
Pan Member Recruit
Penn Member Private
Potter Member Private
Ramholdt von Hellbrass Member Corporal
Rewand the Right hand of Dread Member Sergeant
Rhino Member Private
Rivera Member Private
Roar Member Private
Rosa Thorne Member Recruit
Rusty Shackleford Member Corporal
Sackle Member Recruit
Schenk Member Sergeant
Selaery Member Private
Shae Faeslayer Member Private
Siegfried Member Private
SlyHale the Mexican Member Recruit
Tadpole Member Private
Thaddeus Member Sergeant-KIA
Vale Claddath Member Sergeant
Wolfsbane Greyhawk Member Corporal
Xanthoh Member Support
Yorli Member Corporal
Yoseve Ave Member Recruit