the house of Draconis

Name: the house of Draconis
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: we are a service house and fighting company our members are not automaticly in the guard they earn the right to serve as the lords gaurds
History: the noble house of draconis has been around since 1997 it has since add a fighting company the draconian guard whose colors are green black and gray we welcome any and all who are interested in our house to ask for entry


Member Role Title
Azeral Amunet Member lords page
Kith Member
Leon Mcharting Member companion
Lesfisto Member guardsman
Lile The lavishly long liar AKA Jimmy Member cpt of the guard
Lord Rone the Dragon Stuart of the clan McGregour Member Lord
Lord Spartin Spar Member cpl. of the guard
Moonbay Fae Member guardsman
Rayne Amunet Member sgt. of the guard
Wren Member
Zilver Member assistant