Traginoire, House

Name: Traginoire, House
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: House Traginoires Goals & Intents To provide the kingdoms in which we are located a support group and to encourage role play within the provice; To help craftsmen and artisans explore their craft, discover new mediums and to excel with their craft; To provide Amtgard with a resource for creative needs (i.e. newsletters, garb, event decor & entertainment, etc.); To provide creative individuals with a ready-made social circle in which they can join and ultimately feel a sense of belonging to us. In essence this house is here to help spur the growth and life of Amtgard here in the realm of the Desert Rose as well as our newer chapters. Emphasis on both role play and d├ęcor is primary and both faithful to the game of Amtgard. We intend be positive role models in any province or event in which our house has representatives.
History: House Traginoire was founded July 26, 2004 within the Iron Mountain's western province of the Desert Rose located in Elko NV. Our first offical event as a Household was the winter coronation for 2004-2005 reign in Sept 2004. Since then we have held many feasts and tournaments as well as encouraging growth within our province as whole. As of 2007 we had a new chapter of the house establish itself within the Shire of Enchanted Falls and in 2008 when Evan T and his immediately household moved to the shire of High Oasis in the kingdom of Dragonspine.


Member Role Title
Evan Traginoire del Khahli Eru Iluvatar von Darkjester Member Heir of House Traginoire
Lady Kimmery O'Malley Member Chapter Seneschal
Lord Squire Father Darby O'Malley Member
Ludsoe Member
Matthias O\'Lachon Member
Phoenix Silverclaw Member Chapter Seneschal
Sajarin Wynsteel Member Seneschal of House Traginoire
Sir Duke Master Rico Boner Member
Solaria Member Peer of House Traginoire