Name: Asayrians
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: We lead by example, uniting the Amtgard world with our good actions.
History: Founder- Pahyum Our spirit stems from the days of old Iron Springs founded by Dame Squeak! where much of Amtgard around the south east was in its infancy. The time before Winters Edge when there was much strife, especially towards new citizens who couldn't keep up. We were the safe haven that taught them skills to survive in the much rougher world then. House Asayri was founded to unite those in service to Winters Edge who believe in bringing Amtgarders together through friendship and brotherhood, regardless of other factors. Idealistic we could be, but Dreamkeepers we are.


Member Role Title
Beldak Asayri Member
Jarek Mander Member Ogre
Nevin "The Scorpion" Arcnadas Member Engineer
Pahyum Sumac Asayri Member Founder
Pixie Member