Award Recommendations

Kingdom Persona Award Rank Date Sent By Reason
Ayame Master 1 2021-12-24 Adler Burbleson Created new Freehold and held Regent position for >1 year. Starting out as never holding a position before, she stepped into the role well creating several Freehold level A&S competitions and encouraging park members to participate beyond in Inter-kingdom events for mostly brand new players.
Ayame Lady 1 2022-04-06 Ayame This award was missed somehow. Lord Adler Burbleson got it in case you need to ask someone questions. Ayame helped start a park in NJ (Eastern Pine Camp). She acted as Prime Minister, Regent and even a reave. She held a few Art and Science events, and an actual A&S competition. She helped create the park fb page and heraldry as well. Created weapons and tunics for new players.
Ayame Order of the Crown 2 2022-09-27 Phelan Doing a good job as Monarch
Caligae Order of the Rose 4 2022-06-10 Caligae Wrote both Corpora and Reeves test for a new Amtgard chapter
McClaggon Order of the Owl 1 2022-09-27 Phelan Constructing his first weapon
Meara Order of the Rose 1 2022-09-27 Phelan Helping out at park days
Phelan Order of the Warrior 1 2022-05-14 Stenvar Took third in a tournament.
Serf Jillian Esquire 1 2021-12-24 Adler Burbleson Serving as PM for a new Freehold as a brand new player. She learned the ORK very quickly maintaining records quickly and accurately. She left the position with it ready to solicit for entry into a Kingdom.
Serf Jillian Order of the Warrior 1 2022-05-14 Stenvar took second in tournament
Stenvar Order of the Crown 2 2022-09-27 Phelan Doing a good job as Prime Minister