Award Recommendations

Kingdom Persona Award Rank Date Sent By Reason
Duke Sir Stinkfoot Order of Battle 1 2021-09-08 AttA Raxia Great Archer
Duke Sir Stinkfoot Order of the Jovius 3 2021-10-13 Vidalia Hilarious commentary at Winter’s Edge Midnight Ironman, positive attitude all weekend, remembered my name and then when I was too excited made up new ones for me. My face hurt from laughing all weekend! Great guy, that ol Stinky
Anosina Master Garber 2022-05-23 Nephilim Faelan the Fated Has won multiple Kingdom competitions and a Dragonmaster with her work. Probably most notable is her garb work including dozens of individual pieces of fabric (the rainbow dress was ~80, I think)
Anosina Paragon Wizard 2022-03-21 Nephilim Faelan the Fated A very capable Wizard who continues to prove it at every event
Avin D\'Averec Master Crown 2022-05-23 Nephilim Faelan the Fated In his 20 years in game, Avin has been King of Neverwinter twice, Kingdom Prime Minister, and has held several local offices. He is a longstanding member who has not only served in the highest offices that the Kingdom offers, but has and continues to teach others
Avin D\'Averec Master Dragon 2022-05-23 Nephilim Faelan the Fated Avin is a professional artist and jeweler who creates and enters items at Kingdom and inter-Kingdom events, as well as helps out others in his craft.
Rookie Master Rose 1 2022-05-23 Nephilim Faelan the Fated Nearly 2 decades of service; she has 17 roses entered into her ORK. 8 duplicates in just one ladder