Award Recommendations

Kingdom Persona Award Rank Date Sent By Reason
Bishop Bearfury Baron 2021-09-13 Lady Squire Aria Lokasdotter Term as Monarch of Darkmoon during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Bishop Bearfury Order of the Rose 5 2022-06-21 Squire Envy darkjester Helping with security at spring war 2022
Drake Order of Battle 3 2022-02-04 Nagozic Prowess in Battle
Hang Lang Lord 2021-10-14 Kanphuzian Duskwalker Started and helped grow the park Dragon's HAven in the Clestial Kingdom (Yerington, Nevada)
Jarvis Paragon Scout 1 2022-07-25 Kaeya Has shown consistent mastery of the class. Using all of the class abilities to impact the game and commanding a strong knowledge of the class and playstyles. At Salt War had many people come up and compliment the class and ask if he had a paragon. I have not seen another scout be as effective as Jarvis. He has multiple playstyles and uses the flexibility of the class to great effect.
Kaas Lionpride Man-at-Arms 1 2023-07-20 Kaas Lionpride Awarded by Bishop Bearfury
Kit Brayker Order of Battle 1 2023-09-10 Arcanus Redwolf demonstration of mastery of the Barbarian Class at PacWar 2023
Kit Brayker Order of Battle 2 2023-09-10 Arcanus Redwolf use of superior tactics to singlehandedly break an interkingdom shield wall, PacWar 2023
Kit Brayker Order of the Rose 1 2023-09-10 Arcanus Redwolf Collecting trash and tending the Saracen Home Fire at PacWar 2023
Kit Brayker Order of the Rose 2 2023-09-10 Arcanus Redwolf providing consistent transportation and hydration to all players at PacWar 2023
Kit Brayker Order of the Rose 3 2023-09-10 Arcanus Redwolf providing food, water, and medical assistance to several players in need at his own expense at PacWar 2023
Maldread Bloodfangs the Mostly Mighty Order of the Lion 1 2022-03-20 Grendel Vetra Skald For approaching bystanders at the NH and talking to them about Amtgard
Ner'Du Order of the Warrior 5 2023-08-13 Rootgem Made time during event to pull newer players to the side to offer advice, encouragement and training in weapons and fighting tactics.
Ner'Du Order of the Warrior 5 2023-08-13 Azireal For providing exemplary tutorship to multiple young amtgarders throughout Rakis. He insisted on tutoring and helping the teen amtgarders develop blocking and striking skills for hours, encouraging them to continue pushing through and learning even when they weren't sure about their abilities. He steadfastly kept them going, improving them over the weekend and always encouraged them to grow.
Ock tuk tuk Order of the Rose 5 2023-08-14 Aust Valanthe Rakis 2023 gate-o-crat work and leadership. Inclusive of roses 3-5
Redshirt Guy Order of the Dragon 1 2023-08-14 Aust Valanthe Art provided for Mother Goose hat at Rakis 2023.
Sunshine Order of the Jovius 1 2023-08-14 Aust Valanthe Goose roleplay at Rakis 2023 and for bringing so many young geese under his leadership.
Tyr Order of the Griffin 3 2023-05-29 Baron Corbeaux Tindalos A pleasure to fight and play with
Tyr Order of the Rose 9 2023-08-13 Azireal Tyr provided endless dedication, coordination and organization for the Rakis event. He helped run all aspects of the event from helping volunteers, coordinating with locals for vendors and food availability and guiding Amtgarders through each aspect of the day.