Award Recommendations

Kingdom Persona Award Rank Date Sent By Reason
Drenth Count 2023-10-13 thistledown notagnome served as duchal monarch EIGHT TIMES
Mogis Order of Battle 6 2023-10-13 Dagger Terrific use of skill and teamwork in multiple games at Feast of Gods 2023. He was a terribly imposing roadblock for more than a few enemies.
Rangor Treecrusher Order of the Crown 7 2023-03-05 RoseThorn Was Ducal Champion
Rangor Treecrusher Order of the Rose 6 2023-07-18 Sir Admiral Jenocide Southerland Helping shop for/ prepare/ serve feats at GoK
Rangor Treecrusher Order of the Rose 6 2023-07-22 Ser Ravyn the Sage feast at GotK. I know someone recommended Rangor for 6, but could it qualify as a 7th also since he drove 100's of miles and cooked for an Interkingdom event?
Tiberian Alcoste Order of the Smith 3 2023-06-29 Ser Ravyn the Sage first time flurbocrat, created imaginative and integrative role-playing coordinated with battlegames
Torbjorn Kegsleyer Order of the Jovius 3 2024-05-07 Porkins Almost seems criminal he's only got 2 in all the years hes been a social bedrock for park after park
Torbjorn Kegsleyer Order of the Smith 8 2024-02-22 thistledown notagnome Dundracon Demo (Probably not an 8th on it's own, but a mark towards it)
Torbjorn Kegsleyer Paragon Peasant 2024-02-18 thistledown notagnome Because I thought he got it 15 years ago
Torbjorn Kegsleyer Paragon Peasant 1 2024-05-07 Porkins I could have sworn he got this ages ago, hands down the template for Rping peasant for years, always bringing the best kind of lighthearted shenanigans that makes all the hero classes feel even more like heroes. With nothing but a shortsword he can turn the tide of a battlegame and bring smiles to everyones face,