Award Recommendations

Kingdom Persona Award Rank Date Sent By Reason
Bain Thunder Throw Paragon Barbarian 10 2021-09-10 Grainmag Everfrost Mercades Bain ha shown that he takes the look the part to the highest degree for barbarian. his demeanor on field, garb, and even his weapons of choice scream barbarian to me. he has also shown a deep understanding of the class and always takes time and is open to learning new things with barbarian.
Baron Cerberus St.Beast Battlemaster 10 2022-04-07 Sir Pharoah DarkChylde Evarayne Has time and again proven a field general and tactician and willing to teach anyone wanting to learn. Can literally change the tide of any battle game.
Caligae Order of the Rose 4 2022-06-10 Caligae Wrote both Corpora and Reeves test for a new Amtgard chapter
Grace Kiellia Esquire 1 2022-04-06 Ayame Was guild master of Reaves for eastern pine camp. Created the Reeves test as well. Was the first gmr for the park.
Lady Squire Onyx Wolfyre Order of the Dragon 7 2022-03-24 Sir Pharoah DarkChylde Evarayne for their recent placement in the dragonmaster
Lady Squire Onyx Wolfyre Order of the Garber 1 2021-11-10 Steve of the Woods Crochet spellball bag
Lord Raziel St. Beast Order of Battle 6 2022-04-11 Tanner Victus Battlegame prowess. Able to be a major obstruction in large scale battlegames, notably coronation and midreign's for Barony parks with visitors.
Lord Raziel St. Beast Order of Battle 7 2022-04-11 Tanner Victus Paragon Warrior and Paragon monster with a history of being a major threat in Battlegames.
Magni Order of the Owl 5 2022-06-22 Matriarch Guin Llewellyn Reversable chain mail Paladin/anti Paladin belt favor for the knighting of Sir Oromis- Northern lights
MonkeyMan Order of the Owl 7 2022-03-23 MonkeyMan NQ! MaA Belt
MonkeyMan Order of the Owl 8 2022-04-20 MonkeyMan Pair of Knights Belts
Navi Order of the Rose 6 2022-01-16 Stonelord Fuzz Jarbjorn the Soul Forger Running gate at FoD 2021
Piper Lesonette Paragon Color 1 2022-01-23 Adler Burbleson Despite being Baroness, she always goes above and beyond to talk with as many people as she can at every park day. So much so that she barely has any time to just relax and enjoy the day. I have never seen her miss an opportunity to notice and complement on garb or new creations. Even during battle games I notice she’s still busy off the field. Therefore I would recommend her for Paragon Color.
Ser Jynx Mercades Paragon Barbarian 10 2021-09-10 Grainmag Everfrost Mercades Jynx has shown a deep understanding of the class in and out of field and takes his knowledge to teach others. He has taken any advice given to him by paragons he has asked and learned from them to make a playstyle all his own for this class. He is the wall his team needs to have to be able to gain so much tactical advantage in the games he plays.
Tanner Victus Paragon Monster 10 2021-09-10 Grainmag Everfrost Mercades Tanner has shown that he is ready and willing to help with any quest with a vast array of props and garb for numerous monsters that continues to grow day by day as he constantly improves. he also helps sells these monsters by playing so many good characters to draw in rp for his park and beyond