Winter Weaponmaster/Dragonmaster

Kingdom The Kingdom of Tal Dagore
Title Winter Weaponmaster/Dragonmaster


Winter Weaponmaster/Dragonmaster

Price Date Website Location Map Active Attendance
0.00 2019-03-16, 11 AM
2019-03-16, 6 PM
[ Link ] Yes Attendance
0.00 2019-03-16, 11 AM
2019-03-16, 6 PM
[ Link ] Yes Attendance
0.00 2018-10-05, 12 AM
2018-10-06, 12 AM
[ Link ] Yes Attendance
Fall WM/DM Weekend
0.00 2018-03-31, 12 AM
2018-03-31, 12 AM
[ Link ] Yes Attendance
0.00 2017-02-25, 12 AM
2017-02-25, 12 AM
[ Link ] Hazelwood, MO, USA No Attendance
Brothers and sisters of the Night's Watch, this day we will be celebrating the skills we all bring to the defense of the realm. This day we showcase our talents with pride in our weapon master and dragon master tournaments.

For our Weaponmaster: SPONSORED BY WLS
Our Weapon Master is coming up and it's time to post the official rules. We will be holding a Warlord sports style tournament sponsored by the Warlord SPorts on February 25th. The categories will be Single , Florentine, Sword & Board, Open, & Reach. (In this order)

Starting tournament sign-ins at gate Opening.
Sign ins will close promptly at 1:30pm
Weapons check will start at 1:30pm when sign ins close

There will be absolutely zero proxy sign ins. If you aren't at sign ins in person you will not be added to the tournament. Thank you.

Each category will start with an Iron man consisting of 4 lines. The top 4 seeds present at the event will be placed at the heads of each of the lines for each category to start. Each time you win a match you will declare your name to the score keeper reeve. The losing participant will go to the back of any line that they choose.
The top 8 scoring combatants after 15 MINUTES will be entered into a finalist bracket which will be a best of 3 match up. In the event of a tie among the lowest scoring in the bracket we will have a tie breaker best of 3 match up to determine who gets slotted into the final 8.
Points earned for placing will be 5 for 1st, 3 for 2nd, and 1 for 3rd. The three highest scoring participant will be declared and each receive their prize, a gift card to Warlord Sports. The size of these gift cards will be dependant on the number of entrants. The more fighters, the higher the ammounts. A extra gift card will be given to a random entrant (not provided by WLS), you cannot win both.
I will be needing a total of 5 reeves. If you are interested in reeving for this tournament, contact me as soon as possible.
I will be posting tournaments times closer to the event when I have all the venue information. We are close to having that finalized. Good luck Rangers.
Note: Participation in the Reach category may make having 4 lines unrealistic, in the case of this being found and agreed upon by the Reeves , the Reach category will only have 2 lines starting, with the 4 combatants at the beginning being the top 4 seeds. 1 vs 2 and 3 vs 4.

For our Dragonmaster:
We will be using the 60 category system and its corresponding entry sheet.
Entries cannot have been entered at any other Kingdom Dragon Master or Inter Kingdom tournament.
Written entries more than 5 pages must be emailed to the Kingdom Regent no later than 11:59PM February 10th, 2017. Email:
Online preregistration will be available until 11:59pm Friday, February 24th (link to follow later).

Dragon Master Rules:
A&S sign ins 11:30-12:30, judging starts at 1, please have your entry sheets done ahead of time.
This tournament will be ran as a “Better than Average” style tournament.
Judging will be done on a 0-5 scale with 2.5 being considered “average”.
Each entrant will be allowed a maximum of 8 entries (no minimum requirement).
These items must be in different categories. If more than one item is entered in the same category only the highest will contribute to the BtA (Contestant) score.
Subcategories will be considered Categories for the purposes of this tournament.
Illegal entries (in categories like Weapon Construction) will be disqualified and get no score.
The judge’s scores for each item will be averaged giving the item a final score.
The item winning best in show will be the item with the highest final score.
To determine the winner of Dragon Master, we will subtract 2.5 points from the final score of each item. This will be the “Better than Average” score of the item. If the subtraction results in a negative number, that item will get a BtA score of 0.
The BtA score of each item made by a contestant will be added together to give a Contestant score.
The contestant with the highest contestant score will be our Dragon Master for the next 6
Tal Dagore Dragon Master
February 25th, 2017
A&S Rules

1st, 2nd, and 3rd will recieve $50, $30, and $20 gift cards to an approved craft store such as joanns. Another prize will be given to a random entrant, you cannot win both.