KLE/Relic Quest 2

Kingdom The Kingdom of Black Spire
Park Obsidian Grove
Player Wicked Way (Wicked Witch of the West)
Title KLE/Relic Quest 2


KLE/Relic Quest 2

Price Date Website Location Map Active Attendance
0.00 2014-07-12, 12 PM
2014-07-12, 6 PM
KLE Obsidian Grove [ Link ] 10104 Northeast Fourth Plain Road, Vancouver, WA 98662, USA Bing Maps Orchards Park, Vancouver, WA [ Link ] No Attendance
Blackspires Last KLE before month of the crown! Come celebrate with us at Obsidian Grove!

Our Kingdom Champion Sir Abdul has a Quest planned in the beginning of the day at 1:30 followed by a Jesters dice Tourney at 3;30.

Sir Lucifer will also be teaching a weapon construction Ithra. So if you would like to learn some good tech from the Best knight around, come in on the festivities. If you have any cores laying around please bring them. You might be able to score a free sword. I will also bring extra foam and tape for my populace.

KLE Althing. I would like to do the Althing 1:00.
There was NO old business, so we can move right to any NEW business If anyone has anything to bring forth.
0.00 2013-09-28, 12 PM
2013-09-28, 6 PM
[ Link ] Vancouver, WA, USA Obsidian Grove [ Link ] No Attendance
Today the Sword of Flame, Dagger of Infinite Penetration and Heimdall's Horn will be going out.

Also there will be a bake sale and auction. All proceeds will be going to the Food Fight.