Winter Coronation

Kingdom The Kingdom of the Emerald Hills
Title Winter Coronation


Winter Coronation

Price Date Website Location Map Active Attendance
8.00 2018-12-07, 12 PM
2018-12-09, 10 AM
Facebook [ Link ] Boggy Depot State Park, 475 Park Dr, Atoka, OK 74525, USA Yes Attendance
For adults who pre-register it is $8 for the event and $7 for a feast ticket. Children 8-14 are $4 for the event and $4 for feast. The feast ticket is required for all meals for the duration of the event. Children 7 and younger are free!

Don't wait to pre register! The day of the event prices go up. For adults, the gate becomes $10 for the event and another $10 for feast. Children 8-14 become $5 for both the event and feast.

Pre-registering ensure that you will get all of the gate favors and goodies we are working hard to put together for you. We will be selling feast tickets until 4pm on Saturday. We will be accepting cash or card at the event. We will be checking I.D so don't forget it at home. Anyone who cannot provide I.D will receive a "minor" band. I look forward to seeing you all there!

Pre registration ends on 11/30/18!
0.00 2018-12-07, 12 PM
2018-12-09, 12 PM
[ Link ] Yes Attendance
10.00 2017-12-01, 2 PM
2017-12-03, 12 PM
[ Link ] Yes Attendance
Coronation of Kal Thrax
15.00 2016-12-16, 4 PM
2016-12-18, 12 PM
[ Link ] Atoka, OK 74525, USA Yes Attendance
Winter Coronation of Bjorn Banhammer
0.00 2015-12-04, 12 AM
2015-12-06, 12 AM
[ Link ] No Attendance
15.00 2013-12-13, 12 PM
2013-12-15, 12 PM
[ Link ] Atoka, OK 74525, USA No Attendance
Boggy Depot, Atoka, OK