Feast of Mars

Kingdom The Kingdom of Westmarch
Title Feast of Mars


Feast of Mars

Price Date Website Location Map Active Attendance
50.00 2019-10-11, 12 AM
2019-10-13, 9 PM
[ Link ] 1160 Broadway St #14, King City, CA 93930, USA Yes Attendance
Feast Of Odin
0.00 2018-09-27, 3 PM
2018-09-30, 12 PM
[ Link ] No Attendance
Costs will be:
$40 for the weekend
$20 for a day trip
$25 for children under 14
Free for children under 6
0.00 2017-09-28, 12 AM
2017-10-01, 12 AM
[ Link ] No Attendance
0.00 2017-09-28, 12 AM
2017-10-01, 12 AM
[ Link ] No Attendance
35.00 2016-09-29, 12 AM
2016-10-02, 12 AM
[ Link ] No Attendance
FoM/Olympiad 2016
30.00 2015-10-08, 6 PM
2015-09-20, 12 PM
Feast of Mars [ Link ] 160 Broadway St, King City, CA 93930, USA Google map [ Link ] No Attendance
Have you ever wanted to be a gladiator? OK, probably not – the life expectancy issues tend to be a deterrent. What if you could be a gladiator for one glorious day, and then resume your normal life, still alive and not even lightly maimed? There, we can help. If this has always been your dream (or even if you just want to spend an awesome weekend with wonderful people) we’d like to invite you to the eleventh annual Feast of Mars. This event has come a long way in the last decade, growing from a day event to the largest California Amtgard has to offer, and we’d love to see even more people take the field this year. Feast of Mars is expanding, and while we are trying new things, we are keeping the great things that make Feast of Mars a special event!

Feast of Mars XI will be held from October 8th through October 11th, 2015 at San Lorenzo Park in King City, California. We’ll have food, fun, battlegames, and, on Saturday, the piéce de résistance: The 11th Annual Feast of Mars games. That morning, our gladiators will line up to be purchased by our select group of trainers, be issued their uniforms, and proceed to the fun. We have a variety of our classic games, while expanding on new ideas from last year!

There’s nothing quite like this event, in or out of Amtgard. We’d like to thank everyone who’s been a part of this event over the years, whether as staff, trainer, or gladiator (or, as in one case, all three). We hope to see all of our old friends take the field once more, and to make some new friends as well.